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Howard Greenberg is an experienced criminal law attorney serving Brooklyn, New York City, and surrounding areas. He is committed to maximizing the chances of winning your case, even when it means beating the odds. The Greenberg Law Firm keeps you informed every step of the way, from case inception through the trial.

Recent Brooklyn Litigation Cases:

  • People -v- Morrison - Felony Weapons Complaint (Gun in Car DISMISSED)
  • People -v- Blackford - Felony Weapons Complaint (Gun in Car - DISMISSED)
  • People -v- Jones (NOT GUILTY of Criminal Homicide: Felony Murder and Depraved Indifference Murder)
  • People -v- Geemps (FULL ACQUITTAL of Weapons Possession - Despite Confession)
  • People -v- Bobby Shmurda (Felony Weapons Case - DISMISSED)
  • People -v- Espinal (Motion to Suppress Narcotics - GRANTED)
  • People -v- Fable (Directed Verdict of ACQUITTAL, All Counts, After Testimony of Main Witness in Attempted Murder Case.)
  • People -v- Ahmed (FULL ACQUITTAL of Felony Weapons Possession.)
  • People -v- Mendez Gonzalez (Offer of a Violation, which is not a crime, after Suppression Hearing)

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